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Ethanol - Completely Denatured (CDA)

Ethanol - Completely Denatured (CDA)

Completely Denatured Alcohol (CDA)

Completely Denatured Alcohol (CDA) is alcohol that has been so thoroughly denatured that the product is utterly unfit for human consumption, and the denaturants used are very nearly inseparable from the alcohol. CDA is exempt from federal excise.

Completely denatured ethyl alcohol is suitable for general industrial use. It is unsuitable for food, health, and pharmaceutical applications due to its toxicity to humans when ingested. Denatured alcohols may benefit from excise-exempt pricing and other legal benefits. Our team can help you understand whether this product is right for you.

Grades & Varieties Available 

ClearSolv sells premium Completely Denatured Ethyl Alcohol (CDA) in most common grades and varieties, including:

  • CDA12A
  • DA2A
  • DA2I

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