Premium Acetone Products

Tech Grade & High Purity Reagent Grade.

Botanical Extraction Solvent.

Laboratory, Manufacturing, Medical, & Cosmetic applications.

Common Uses Include:

  1. Botanical Extraction Process
  2. Cleaning Solutions
  3. Paint Thinners
  4. Plastics Industry


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More on Acetone

Acetone is being used extensively in the botanical industry. It is used as a botanical extraction solvent.

Acetone has a wide variety of laboratory, manufacturing medical and cosmetic applications.

Acetone is used every day in households throughout the United States.

Grades & Varieties

ClearSolv sells premium Acetone in the most common grades and varieties.

  1. Tech Grade
  2. High Purity Reagent Grade

Need the Tech Specs?

Click the Links below for More In-depth Specification and Safety Data Sheet (SDS) Documents

  1. SDS
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