Ethyl Alcohol (Ethanol)

Ethyl alcohol (ethanol) is the most common and familiar compound in the alcohol classification. Ethyl alcohol is used in many industries and for many purposes, including botanical extraction, medical and industrial sterilization, fuel and heating applications, and as feedstock for industrial chemical production.

ClearSolv offers a variety of 190 and 200 proof ethyl alcohol solutions, including:

  • USP Certified – USP (United States Pharmacopeia) certified ethyl alcohol is suitable for pharmaceutical use, and may be required for some food products and natural supplements.
  • Kosher – ClearSolv can source and supply kosher-certified, food-grade ethyl alcohol for specialty applications.
  • Organic – Organic ethyl alcohol may be necessary or desirable for the production of natural health supplements or extraction of botanical compounds.
  • Completely Denatured Ethyl Alcohol – Completely denatured ethyl alcohol is suitable for generic industrial use. It is unsuitable for food, health, and pharmaceutical applications due to its toxicity to humans when ingested. Denatured alcohols may benefit from excise-exempt pricing and other legal benefits. Our team can help you understand whether this product is right for you.
  • Specially Denatured Ethyl Alcohol – Specially denatured alcohols (SDA) are treated with other chemicals to prevent them from being consumed. Compared to completely denatured ethyl alcohol, specially denatured products may be safer for use in consumer products. Specially denatured alcohols may be tailored for use in many applications, including the production of personal care and health products not intended for consumption. Our team can help you identify the correct denatured alcohol for your application.

Product Info

Ethyl Alcohol
Common UsesBotanical extraction, Cleaning and disinfection, Fuel additive, Food and beverage production
Grades/VarietiesUSP Certified, Kosher, Organic, Completely Denatured, Specially Denatured
Specifications and DocumentsSDS (190 Proof) | SDS (200 Proof) | Spec Sheet (190 Proof) | Spec Sheet (200 Proof)

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